Does this Sound Familiar?

You take your blood pressure constantly and it never seems to go down, or maybe even keeps going up, no matter what you try, making you wonder if you are just doomed.

Or maybe you feel like a burden because your chronic pain, or other inflammatory condition, doesn't allow you to keep up with everyone else in your family.

You are tired of taking medication after medication, but never seem to get any better.

You tried to eat healthy, but became so overwhelmed with what you were trying to do, or wasn't quite sure what to do, that you gave up because the stress just wasn't worth it.


  • Walking for miles and hours at a time without pain
  • Eating things like spinach and lentils (AND LIKING IT!)
  • No longer wanting dessert
  • Reversing the chronic pain issues
  • Feeling happy and wanting to go places
  • Being full after eating a small meal
  • Sleeping normally
  • Having normal blood tests
  • Getting off your medications
  • Blood pressure being normal
  • Losing a lot of weight
  • Having confidence in yourself
  • Reducing anxiety and depression

This is all possible, because this is exactly what happened for me when I adopted an anti-inflammatory diet, in the exact process I outline in this course! I didn't count calories or carbs. I didn't jump into some crazy diet and exercise program. And I wasn't stressed or overwhelmed at all doing this!

All it took one small step at a time to create huge changes in my habits and health. And I am still losing weight!

Don't miss out on this chance to change your habits to create a new anti-inflammatory life. You don't have to be stressed or count everything you eat in order for your body to stop hating you.

Let me show you how with this course.

Grab the Online Course!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee (As long as none of the pdfs have been downloaded). See below for information on what is all included in the course!

Break Up with Inflammation Permanently!

Breaking Up with Inflammation is a 30 week program that teaches you how to choose the right foods and make them a habit. You don't have to change your entire lifestyle in one day, because this is done at a pace designed not to give you the stress that most diets can give you!

By the end of the program, you could...

  • Make anti-inflammatory foods and exercise a habit (and enjoy it!).
  • Feel better mentally and physically than you have in a long time and not even recognize yourself from a year ago.
  • Stay motivated to continue with your new habits and make them last a lifetime!

No more struggling. No more stress. No more wasting time.

Bonus 1: Exclusive Tips

With this course, you get over 40 exclusive tips and videos you won't find anywhere else on mindset, eating healthy, supplements, exercising, and much, much more!

Bonus 2: Workbook

Grab the workbook to go along with the challenge so you can keep track of your habits and measurements, so you can look back and see how small steps led to huge results!

Bonus 3: 15 Recipes

Grab 15 of my favorite recipes that are a hit with my family! All recipes go with the challenge and you won't find them anywhere else outside this challenge!

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Hi! I'm Ashly!

Just a few years ago, I was almost 300lbs, had scary blood pressure while on 3 different medications for it, I had chronic pain from a deformed spine, was pre-diabetic, and was borderline everything else. I was told I was “ going to be in pain the rest of my life” and was going to be in a wheelchair in 5 years. I couldn’t walk for more than 30 seconds at a time.

My idea of healthy food was the tomato sauce on pizza. Today, I eat super healthy and love it, I not only can walk for miles at a time, but when we turn back, it is because my husband is tired, not me! I also have lost 100lbs and counting. I have energy, I am off all medications, and I am walking better than ever, and don’t have many pain days anymore. 

What changed? I used my education in Psychology and Nutrition to create a program that focused on changing small things at a time and making them a habit, to where my brain welcomed the changes instead of resisted.  

Now I am passionate about showing others the method that worked for me so they can finally live an anti-inflammatory life too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this take a lot of my time?

Absolutely not. Each week’s content is usually no more than 10-15 minutes, if that, and the changes you are making are mostly going to be swapping out things you are already doing, so won’t create any extra time.

What if I decide this isn't going to work for me?

I really want this to work for you. That is why I offer a 30 day refund if you don't feel you have learned anything, as long as you haven't downloaded the pdfs.  

Is this just another diet?

Gosh no. I hate diets and think they are evil. They expect you to overhaul everything in one day. Who can do that? This program is more about making tiny switches, once a week and learning how to keep it as a habit, so one year from now, you can look back and realize how much healthier you are. There is no calorie, fat, or carb counting, and in fact, I touch on multiple times within the challenge why you SHOULDN’T do those things. This challenge is focused on getting you to like anti-inflammatory food and lifestyle so you can try to reverse or reduce a lot of your health issues because you made those things a habit. Which is why even though many people have seen weight loss when doing this challenge, it is not the main focus.  

What if I'm too busy or am not well enough to do this?

That is up to you to decide. This challenge shows you how to alter your lifestyle to be more anti-inflammatory by switching out what you are already doing, so it really isn't time consuming. There aren't huge cooking challenges in here, you won't be expected to make time consuming meals. This is as simple as throwing a food in what you are already making, or taking a food out. Or using one food instead of another. In small steps, so it doesn't seem like a big deal to do.

But a way to think about this is: How long have you been pushing this off until next Monday, next month, or until January? 1 year? 5? 30? Do you really feel any time is going to be better than now, based on that? It doesn't make a lot of sense to try to get healthier when you are already healthy. When you are sick or healing, that is when you need an anti-inflammatory lifestyle the most. Yes, there are extenuating circumstances, but it is up to you and your doctor to know if it is just an excuse or if you truly, physically can't replace the items you are eating.

Nothing in life should be a bigger priority than your health. Because you can't do much else if you don't have your health.

What if I don't have the motivation to do this?

I help with this. I keep you motivated and show you special ways to stay motivated. And if you don't make every single thing a habit and pick and choose, that's OKAY, because you are still better than where you started. This challenge is designed to show you what to do more of, you don't have to do it 100% of the time to be successful and see results.